Dr. Connie Hebert helps kids, parents, and teachers by helping them become experts at catching "the teachable minute" anytime, anywhere! My Teachable Minute Blog offers quick tips on how to engage with younger and older kids. Comments, questions, and reflections are always welcome . . . let's catch a million teachable minutes together!

Ever notice what a good writer does when he/she is trying to figure out how to write a new or difficult word?

If you watch, you will see their LIPS MOVING and HEAD BOBBING! Why? Because good writers know that if you move your lips and pronounce the word slowly, you will hear the sounds within the word. They know that if you bounce your head while articulating syllables out loud, you will hear ‘chunks’ so you can segment the word AS you write it.

Ever watch a struggling writer write?

You will see NO movement of the lips and NO bobbing of the head. Falling writers must be TAUGHT and ENCOURAGED to use these strategies. SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! Teach them to move their lips, articulate the word slowly, and bob that head!


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