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Catch a Tip: Encourage Repeated Readings

What’s the most common characteristic of falling readers? It’s word-by-word reading. One way to address this issue is to provide daily opportunities for students to read and reread in order to build fluency. If we increase fluency, we increase comprehension! Here are some tips:

*Allow kids to choose what THEY would like to reread and then make sure they do it!

*During guided reading, prompt students by saying, “I’ll read a line, you read a line.” Watch amazing fluency results!

*Encourage kids to reread their own writing, often…

*Don’t be afraid to let students take basal texts or reading series anthologies off the shelves so they they can reread stories that were read in small group lessons. Get those into the hands of kids, DAILY!!

Let kids read and reread….often! Remember, when we reread something, the text remains the same, the reader does not. Lack fluency? Reread!


Catch a Tip: Fix the Pencil Grip!

To correct the ‘pencil grip,’ give the child a fat cotton ball. Position it between the pencil/pen and 3rd finger. The child needs to press that cotton ball against the pencil/pen while writing. If it falls, they have to put it back! Over time, the brain connects the pressure of the 3rd finger against the pencil/pen and will be able to correct the grip consequently….when the 3rd finger presses the cotton ball firmly against the pencil/pen, the thumb and index finger automatically fall into the correct positions! Voila….fix that grip! They will enjoy writing more and their hands won’t hurt as much…

Share your experiences with the ‘pencil grip’…

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