Dr. Connie Hebert helps kids, parents, and teachers by helping them become experts at catching "the teachable minute" anytime, anywhere! My Teachable Minute Blog offers quick tips on how to engage with younger and older kids. Comments, questions, and reflections are always welcome . . . let's catch a million teachable minutes together!

It is important that we differentiate feedback for different kids. Some respond well to positive verbal comments while others thrive with a pat on the back or a smile. Still there are those who prefer a written comment, sticker, or reward chart. Creating a balance between when, where, and how feedback is given is one of the greatest challenges for all teachers. What I know for sure is that some children need a ‘big splash’ once in a while to confirm their attempts at difficult tasks. Standing on a chair and clapping for kids WORKS! If you don’t believe me, try it! Delight in seeing the gleam in the eyes of kids who look up at you. In turn, they will be giving you some meaningful, loving feedback back to you.


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