Dr. Connie Hebert helps kids, parents, and teachers by helping them become experts at catching "the teachable minute" anytime, anywhere! My Teachable Minute Blog offers quick tips on how to engage with younger and older kids. Comments, questions, and reflections are always welcome . . . let's catch a million teachable minutes together!

Want to help kids read better? Teach them to write! That simple, that powerful.

Why? Because writing requires physical action that taps into the brain to recall words that are automatic (sight words), to write words that require hearing and applying sounds, common chunks and endings, to apply correct grammatical sentence structure, and to make sense (must be meaningful)!

So…have kids write commonly used words (sight words) FAST on a white board, DAILY, until they become automatic. This will free the brain up to attend to harder words, meaning, and grammar. Have kids read back what they write in order to check for TWO THINGS:



With daily opportunities to write, kids will READ BETTER and be more motivated to write often! Remember, kids who can write the word, AND, can also read the word AND. But  there are lots of kids who can read the word, AND, and cannot write the word AND. This means that what we write, we can read. Want to help kids read better and faster? Teach them to write. Voila!


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