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Josie’s Poems

After writing to colleagues this morning about how heartsick I feel over the tragic loss of precious kids and staff in Newtown, CT, I received an email back from a wonderful Linked In colleague who has embarked on another educational adventure. She”s been in the classroom most of her life and endured some difficult health challenges, but she’s a survivor and an inspiration. Check out Josie’s Poems when you have a chance. Her poems for children will delight you!

http://www.josiespoems.webeden.co.uk/   Here is what she wrote to me:

“I went as a volunteer one hour a week to my local primary school to listen to children reading etc and generally helping. Six months after doing this I asked the children one day what they had been doing:  “Poetry” came the answer “But you wouldn’t like the type of poetry we’ve done!”  In fact I didn’t like it either.  It was  a sentence just spiralling down the page.  “That’s not poetry is it?”said the six year olds.  Well, I have to tell you (but don’t tell the experts) I was on their side and offered to write for them.  This was about five to six years ago.  Today I have written over 1000 poems for children of all ages and much of it has been published but I made a website, at their request, and a great deal of my work is on this website.
I want teachers in America to know that if they Google JOSIE’S POEMS (simple for the children to remember) that they can find the first of five websites and they can try the poems.  A company in my region makes literacy programmes for schools (Webanywhere, Keighley) and they are keen to use these poems in their programmes.  However, they would have to charge schools for the programmes because they have staff to pay and they would want to develop my work.
I would be so glad if you could tell us the best way of reaching teachers across America to let them know that if they Google JOSIE’S POEMS they will find the website and the poems are there for them to try before this firm puts them in their programmes.  I really and truly feel that God has led me along this path and doors have opened which I never expected.  I never contacted Webanywhere.  They contacted me because our MP, Kris Hopkins, told them of the poems.  So I do feel that they may do well, and are already doing well.  They went into 188 countries of the world last year and 602,000 pages of my main website were accessed.  This, to me, was amazing.”
Submitted to me by: Josie Whitehead, Retired Teacher

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