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Why Talking Supports Reading

Ever notice how kids who read well also talk well? Ever wonder why kids who pronounce words clearly also spell word correctly? Ever think about why kids who write well also reading well….and not necessarily the other way around?
Questions like these lead us to deeper understandings of complex processes.

Reading and Writing are complex, for sure! Consider the role of ‘talk’ when you are around kids. The more they talk, the more they practice using words. The more they practice putting words together into meaningful sentences, the more they learn the role of grammar and meaning. The better their diction, the better their spelling. Wow!

So…get kids to talk in the car, around the dinner table, at the bus stop, in a rocking chair, on a plane, at the doctor’s office, at the grocery store, at the laundromat, on the playground, and anywhere else you can think of. Talk, Talk, Talk…

Oh, and asking good open-ended questions (as opposed to yes/no questions), invites kids to talk more!!!


Motivating Falling Readers

It’s not the program, it’s the teacher! We can catch kids best by becoming experts at using the following tools:





If we focus on sending motivating messages that say, “I CARE . . .I WANT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU . . .YOU CAN DO IT” by using our voice, pace, body language, and eye contact, we can catch falling readers, quickly and effectively. Try it and see what happens…

Keep up the great job in 2013…catching falling kids is one of the hardest jobs on the planet!

Let me know how I can help you…visit http://www.conniehebert.com for more information on how to bring me to you school or district. Thanks for your interest…

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