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Eye on the Child, Not the Cell Phone!

My goal is to help at least 1,000,000 parents and all of their beautiful kids so they can grow up to be SMART and APPRECIATIVE…

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The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids, is my way of helping parents and kids engage with each other any time and anywhere…just like I did with our 3 kids!

Catch those teachable minutes…while you can!


Excerpt from my new book for parents: The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids

“My daughter use to sit on a chair at the laundromat as she watched
the clothes go round and round in the dryer. She always had a scowl on
her face as she sucked on her index finger and rocked back and forth.
I just know she was thinking why, oh why, is my precious ‘blankie’ in
that thing and why can’t I have it right NOW…ah, kids and blankets
share loving moments.”
—Tamika, Houston, TX

For Younger Kids
SHOW them how to put the money in the washers and dryers,
counting each coin that is pushed in. Then show them where the
START button or dial is. Kids love to push buttons and turn dials!
ASK questions such as, “Why do we have to put clothes in the
dryer?” “Why do the clothes feel warm when they come out of the
dryer?” “Why do we wash our clothes?”
TEACH them how to fold clothes. Face towels and wash cloths
are easy to fold in half and then in half again. This is the way we
fold the clothes!

For Older Kids
SHOW them how to set the washer and dryer cycles to the
right settings.
ASK them questions that make them think about different
parts related to a washer and dryer. Examples: “What is the lint
collector for and why do we have to empty it?” “Why does a
washing machine spin?” “Where does the laundry detergent go?”
TEACH them how to sort clothes into different piles and how
to choose the right machine for the right pile of clothes. How much
soap does each load need and does it go? How much money does
each machine need and how does a change machine work? There’s
a lot to learn here!

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3 ‘teachable minute’ lines to use with

3 ‘teachable minute’ lines to use with kids: “I love how you…” or “You are SO good at…” or “Loving you is…” Catch a kid, with LOVE!

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