Dr. Connie Hebert helps kids, parents, and teachers by helping them become experts at catching "the teachable minute" anytime, anywhere! My Teachable Minute Blog offers quick tips on how to engage with younger and older kids. Comments, questions, and reflections are always welcome . . . let's catch a million teachable minutes together!

Recently, I had lunch in a local restaurant. I noticed a young
boy who was seated across from his mother. He was coloring a
picture while asking questions and telling her all kinds of neat
things. She did not respond or even look up at him once; she
was totally engaged with her cell phone. For me, the saddest part
came when the boy began moving his crayon very quickly across
the paper. He looked up at his Mom and shouted, “Look, Mom,
I’m growing muscles!” I felt badly for both of them because the
teachable minute came…and went.
It is my sincerest hope that as you catch the teachable minute
with your kids, you will discover the following:
• More spontaneous fun
• Increased self-confidence in the role of ‘parent as teacher’
• Numerous opportunities to interact with kids in
memorable ways
• Unpredictable benefits that will lead to lifelong learning
• Time with kids so they feel important, valued, and
• Endless waves of satisfaction that come when we make a
difference in the life of a child

The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids


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