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Why Do Parents Doubt Themselves?

If you’re a parent, you’re a teacher…it comes with the job! AND . . . we are our kids’ first and most important teacher. Yikes! What an awesome responsibility that is, isn’t it?

I took my job as a Mom very seriously from the minute I learned I was pregnant with each baby….and I still do, even though all 3 have flown from the nest! I believed it was my duty to provide them with as much love, good food, safe and comfortable environments, medical care, education, varied religious and social experiences, language, timeless principles, support, fun, laughter, discipline, and daily opportunities to interact with as many people, places, and things as I possibly could. This, I did. I was lucky in that I pursued a field that helped me learn more about what it takes to teach, motivate, discipline, and engage kids…the field of education. But, what if parents have doubts about their ability to BE their kids’ teachers because they didn’t go to school to how to be a teacher? Lots of young parents ask this question…and it’s a good one!

First of all, TRUST that as a parent, you DO know how to teach kids what they know. TRUST YOURSELF.

The problem is not whether or now parents CAN be first and most important teachers. We are thrust into that role the second we have a baby! The main problem, as I see it, stems from parents who don’t fully know who THEY ARE. When we truly know, love, and understand ourselves, with all of our gifts and faults, we can feel confident about knowing what to share and teach our kids. Even the most uneducated souls on earth can share love, comfort, talk, food, pictures, music, games, eye contact, hugs, nature, and laughter with children. It’s not rocket science! BUT, it does take knowing oneself, combined with an inner desire to BE our kids’ first and most important teacher.

Kids must be on the top of their parents’ priority list when it comes to what to do, what to say, and what to choose for kids daily. A strong desire to learn to be a great parent is the first step. After that, it’s a matter of knowing who YOU are, what YOU bring to each child, and what YOU can learn from others in order to fill in gaps of parenting knowledge you may be missing.

Bottom line: BE YOU…teach your child WHO YOU ARE…and kids will grow smarter and most appreciative.

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