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ATM Machine with Kids?

“My daughter wanted to go back to the amusement park and I told her
we didn’t have any money to do that again so soon. She looked up at
me and replied, “Well Dad, just go to the ATM. There’s lots of money
in it!”—Michael, Miami Beach, FL

What can we teach kids while we’re at an ATM machine? Here are some suggestions you might try with both younger and older kids:

TEACH them how to punch in deposit or withdrawal amounts
as you press each key and count out loud together (example: to
deposit $100.00, press the keypad while saying aloud, “ONE,

TEACH them things like how to deposit a check and get cash
back or how to check the balance in the account. Help them fill
out a withdrawal or deposit form and show them the steps that are
necessary to make that happen. Kids see adults at ATM machines
all the time. It can be an interesting teacher!

Here are few questions to ask kids that will get them ‘thinking’…

“How do you think the money gets
into the ATM machine? How many dollar bills have to come out
of the machine for us to get five dollars?”

“Why do you think people have to sign
their name on the back of checks when they deposit them? What’s
the difference between a deposit and a withdrawal?” “What do you
think ATM stands for and why did someone call it that?”

Catch ‘the teachable minute’ with kids no matter where you are! I’d LOVE your feedback after you try some of these ideas. Thanks! Check out: www.theteachableminute.com

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